Jennifer M. Basinger

AmandaMay Bridal
454 Mt. Air Rd.
New Castle, PA 16102
Dear Ms. May:
When judging a business I think of service, product quality, and meeting the needs of the consumer.  Until recently,
I have not had the opportunity to find a business that exceeds in all three of these areas.
Thank you so much for the personal service that you provided while designing my wedding gown, bolero, and veil.  
I was so impressed when you created a dress and bolero that complemented my figure, skin tone, and
preferences.  I will always cherish the colored sketches.  My favorite is framed and hanging in my home at this very
I have to admit that when I decided to have my dress sewn by you that I was concerned about the quality of the fine
details in the dress.  Of course, I knew it would be wonderful, but not perfect.  I am so sorry that those thoughts
ever entered my mind.  Every stitch was in line, and if something didn’t seem right, you fixed it before the next time
that the dress was on my body.  The fabric choices were top rate.  I am so impressed that you are able to import
laces from England.  
Even though the wedding was two months ago, the feeling of joy has not subsided.  The pictures and video from
the event make it possible for me to relive the special moments in my life.  Since this was designed specifically for
me, I know that there’s no other woman in the world that has a duplicate of my dress.  That is an awesome feeling!
I wish you the best in your endeavor towards building an everlasting business, and I thank you for the opportunity
to be the bride of my husband’s dreams.

Jennifer Muns Basinger
Wedding Date:  November 10, 2007
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