A Custom Experience
Q:  When should I order my custom dress?

A:  The best answer is as soon as you think you want a custom dress you should schedule a
design consultation with designer Amanda May.   Since Amanda designs, sews, and fits all of the
gowns, her time fills up quickly.  Usually clients begin meeting with Amanda six months to a year
before the wedding date.
Q: What is a design consultation?

A:  A design consultation is the beginning of a very relaxing and personal experience.   You will
first meet with the designer and talk about all of you wants, needs, and concerns in regards to  
your gown.  At the consultation you can bring images of gowns, details, and clothing you love.  
The designer will ask you several questions and sketch up some ideas for you to view.  You will
then look at a wide selection of fabrics and laces, and discuss any beading and accessories for
your gown.  This process usually takes 1- 2 hours and is completed in one of the designer's
private studios.  After your consultation, the designer will draw 4 to 10 variations of your
wedding gown in color and mail them to you.  Next, you will select your favorite gown.  At this
time, the dress would be priced and a letter explaining the payment process and time schedule  
would be sent to you for your approval.  After receiving your down payment, the designer will
start you muslin.
Q:  How will I know what my dress will look like on me?

A:  This is a common concern but there is no need to worry because your dress will be made  of
muslin fabric first.  The muslin dress will allow you see how the dress looks and feels on you.  It
will also give you and the designer an opportunity to discuss any changes that need to be made.  
Q:  How many fittings or meetings will be involved with my custom dress?

A:  You will usually meet with the designer 5 to 8 times, however the designer is very focused on
your happiness and will meet with you until your dress is perfect.  You will usually have a muslin
fitting, a first rough fitting, a hem fitting, and a final try on one month to a week before your
wedding.  After this your dress will be looked over for any loose beads or strings, pressed , and
bagged up for you to pickup the day before your dream wedding!
Q:  Can I see what the process looks like?

A:  Of course, the pictures below show the process from beginning to end, and the designer is
always more than willing to answer any of your questions.
A Rough Illustration
A Muslin
The Final Dress
Q: What is the benefit of a custom dress, and why should I purchase one?

A:  A custom dress is made to your measurements and proportions.  A custom dress is exactly
what you want, not what you have to settle for at a store.  A custom dress is made of high
quality fabric in a controlled setting where the designer personally designs, sews, and fits every
dress according to your wants and needs.